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where are you, the site is close?

pop goes lethal

What is all this about then? Pictures of what now? Cheese soaked dogs and children playing amongst the stupid berry bushes? That makes me so mad.

I don't understand what y'all are thinking. I maintain indeed that rad art is rad and you won't sway my opinions by rubbing clams on my penis.


Was listening to the music of Komputadora earlier and reflected, "wow this is good." In just that tone of voice no less.

Speed pipe meth pipe set me free, come along to me and be, my friend and why you cower there? The cops are gone and it's no share and share alike with them anyways.

You're all mine meth pipe speed pipe. And I am all yours.

Charmander Revolution by Komputadora is a great track. Pure transcendence, dig? just eternal in quality, abundant in truth, and older than me and you and those guys combined.

reject aesthetic relativism

Pop goes motherfucking Lethal!


cool idea - we license our moblog engine on a copyright commons basis for non-commerical projects - get in touch if you'd like to set something up.


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i like this idea, but is legal?


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This is cool

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