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August Glowlounge, Saturday, August 23: AN INVITATION TO A WALK

This month Glowlab teams up with Attack the Map for a walk on the streets of Brooklyn. You're invited to join us for this community event, which is free and open to one and all. To participate, please sign up. You'll receive an email to set your mind spinning psychogeographic thoughts in preparation for the walk.


Date: Saturday, August 23, 2003
Time: 4pm
Location: outside Kellog's Diner, 514 Metropolitan Ave. on the corner of Metropolitan and Union in Williamsburg. To get there, take the L or G train to the Lorimer/Metropolitan stop.

Too often, the city's sound and fury can appear to signify nothing. The eye is arrested by billboards and storefronts--one image after another with no time to glean meaning from the spaces in between. The ears' ability to hear is consumed by an endless screech and clatter that has nothing to say about our lives. The whole city seems to belong firmly to someone else. Yet we cannot be ourselves until the city belongs to us. What a task!

On Saturday, August 23rd, you're warmly invited to take the first fledgling step, with us. The idea is simply to go for a walk, noting which places feel nice and which do not with reasons why as we go along. The type of walk envisioned is one with no destination but the act itself, and no vehicle but the conversations that propel us along. Considered together, we hope that these observations will form the basis for certain rules about the attractive design of urban spaces which, taken together, will constitute the future revolutionary practice of psychogeography. Everyone will be given a map on which to record the elements of atmosphere: Those that make us feel ourselves, and those that reduce us to poor players, strutting and fretting.

We will meet at the Metropolitan stop on the L, and begin by proceeding generally east. From there, anything can happen. After drifting about for a few hours, we will meet for discussion and cold drinks in a shady place.

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