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Neuroscape journal submissions

hidden passageways . secret gardens . lonely byways . staircases that lead to nowhere . aimless wanderings . spontaneous jaunts . interdimensional travelogues . symbols and signs . landscapes that won't just simmer down and be quiet .

Neuroscape is a collaborative environment, an individual and collective musing on the places - real and imagined - that we interact with, informed by personal narratives and investigations into what it could all possibly mean. While we're working on our next feature, we'd like to take a moment and invite you to send submissions to Neuroscape. We're mainly interested in original journalistic/critical writing and photography that addresses the subject of psychogeography from a unique and intensely personal angle. However, if you have a drawing, a work of fiction, poetry, visual poetry, etc., or something that fails to fit neatly into the above categorizations but that you feel is particularly relevant, send it on (along with a few words of explanation) and we'll be happy to consider it. Written pieces should be no more than 500 words; photography/visual pieces should be sent in JPEG format and limited to 1 MB. There are no deadlines for submission, as we publish work as we receive it; we'll notify you by email (within a couple of weeks) whether the piece is accepted and if editorial changes/revisions are necessary.

For submissions to Neuroscape, contact Editor Holly Tavel: tavel [at] glowlab.com.

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