New blog url: www.glowlab.com/news/

Hey, this blog is no longer in service. Please visit our new blog here: www.glowlab.com/news/.

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Glowlab_logo_3Looks like we've had a little problem with our re-directs...our new site launched in mid-March, and is at www.glowlab.com. Cheers ~

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new Glowlab site

After several months of work on the new Glowlab site, we're about to launch it. Just a few more tweaks here and there and you'll see a brand new site, maybe tomorrow or in the next few days...we can't wait to show it to you!

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Twenty proposals for imagining the future

Sala Rekalde presents The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds: Twenty proposals for imagining the future

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\\ reverse engineering \\

Arbeitshemd_a\\ reverse engineering \\ is a project by Rüdiger Schlömer of mapping paint stains left on painter's shirts.  Schlömer describes the project as "a range of scientific and artistic methods dealing with stains or comparable visual information in a semantic context, are applied to interpret the stains, to extract and reconstruct any (context-specific) information contained in it."

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standing on wood chips

For How Scandinavian of Me, "artist Lars Vilhelmsen has been photographed in the tourist snapshot style in front of some important non-Scandinavian sights including Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and sights in Malaysia, Berlin, and Iran. The web-photo album has aesthetic antecedents in British artist Gillian Wearing's photographs as well as the tradition of lawn gnome snatch-and-snap." [via Rhizome]

From the artist's site: "How Scandinavian Of Me shows a work of art in questions of investigation and formed like the artist in the part as 'tourist' with the same recognisable objects, the white T-shirt and 'how scandinavian of me', standing bare-feeted on the small heap of danish chipped bark."

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MUG on Maps

From antiques to Google, Manhattan User's Guide offers a list of the best resources for NYC Maps.

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