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Testing a new format for Glowlab

We're beta-testing Typepad as a possible new platform for the site. Some past features may not be available as we rebuild, but do let us know what of you think of the new Glowlab...

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This looks pretty awesome (and awesomely pretty). Very nice indeedy.

Posted by: sal randolph | Jul 9, 2003 10:47:18 AM

glowlab:shines far and above the netherworld of other sites.
glowlab=readability,fast,efficient,information from the edge.

Posted by: mesagoat | Jul 11, 2003 3:11:56 PM

Where are all the pictures? Cheers, Ivan

Posted by: Ivan | Jul 15, 2003 3:14:30 PM

hi Christina,

Good luck on your new adventure with this new blog thingy. Having a look at the program myself....

Posted by: mar garrett | Aug 4, 2003 11:35:13 AM

lets test then !!!!!!!!!! images ??? or links ?? http://www.glowlab.com or even ???? Glowlab
Also alist for everyone wanting a PHP Content Management system that should keep ya busy.

Posted by: Chris Webb | Aug 4, 2003 11:54:12 AM

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