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Talking Street

What's the best way to see a place? Let the streets do the talking.

Thanks to Eileen for that link...

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Indian mounds of North America

"Ancient Earthworks of Eastern North America"
Don Burmeister photography exhibition
October 3 through November 8, 2003
Opening Reception: Friday October 3, 6 to 8 PM

"Scattered through out the Eastern and Midwestern United States are thousands of ancient earthworks, structures that in some cases are as old as the pyramids of Egypt and that in many cases predate the arrival of Europeans by hundreds of years. These "Indian Mounds" and 'Effigy Mounds" numbered in the tens of thousands when the first European settlers arrived. Over the years many of the mounds were destroyed, some were simply worn down by years of plowing, while others were consciously removed from the landscape to make way for the advance of roads, houses and indeed, parking lots."

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Soundmap Subway: Times Square, Sept. 28

Soundmap Subway, the latest New York mapping project from our friends at PgPny (Psychogeography Project New York), will take place this Sunday, September 28. Their communiqué reads...

"We will meet at 3:00 p.m. in Times Square station, and send people out to various subway-scapes in the city. The idea is to ask subway musicians a very short series of questions, take their picture, and log their location. Then, we will compile this into a map of subway music, along with our other MusicMaps we have made so far, of parks, and streets."

Be there.

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Pre/amble (Vancouver, Canada)

Pre/amble is a two-day festival of art and psychogeography which takes as a starting point the exploration of the city, an interest in dialogue surrounding methods of psychogeography, and the intersection of psychogeography with contemporary art practices.

Pre/amble will take place 1-2 November 2003 in and around Western Front Artist Run Centre at 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada.

T A L K S:
Artists and researchers will give presentations about past works, works in progress, or works that will be included in the event portion of Pre/amble, from a broad range of media and subject matter including but not limited to mapping, mobile technologies, digital/analogue hybrids, experimental cartography, data movement, moblogging, WiFi, warchalking/wardriving, interventions in public space, audio works, or other fields of art as they intersect with situationist action and/or psychogeography.

W A L K S :
Artists and researchers will present works that engage participants in projects or experiments that take place in public urban spaces, whether performative events, drives, fieldwork, tours, audio installations, participatory actions, GPS drawing, generative and/or algorithmic walks, or other kinds of events as they intersect with situationist action and/or psychogeography.

Projects may fall into one or both of these categories. Please send project proposals to Kate Armstrong at [email protected] until October 12, 2003.

To join the mailing list, email Kate Armstrong at [email protected]. For updates, including information about the opening reception and a schedule of events, please visit http://specialairplane.org

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Glowlab newsletter

We were happy to learn that Autonomedia posted our currrent newsletter to the Interactivist Info Exchange board; you'll find it in the "glow-little-glowlab dept.":

"Greetings, fellow psycheogeographers, artists of all stripes, curiosity-seekers, interested bystanders!
Welcome to the first Glowlab newsletter. We'd like to take this opportunity to catch you up on everything that's been going down with us over the summer -- a busy summer, as it turns out (aren't they always?). We bowed to a giant dinosaur, walked with angels, were treated to the unsettling and wondrous sight of a darkened city skyline, and pounded the pavements of Brooklyn seeking hidden vistas."

Read on...

(To sign up for the Glowlab mailing list, click on the link at left.)

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Highways of the US

Exit 1: Views from the Open Road

Exit 1 is inspired by a love of road trips and the open road. Featuring drawings by Subtexture and custom map tables by Knoware. There will be tasty refreshments on hand, and of course there will be slotcar racing! Exit 1 is part of a neighborhood-wide weekend event, and will take place at m space, located a few feet from the L train, Driggs Ave exit in Williamsburg.

Saturday - Sunday, September 27 - 28, 12 - 8pm

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Transformers * 3

Transformers, a massive three-part exhibition in Berlin hosted by the organizers of last year's Urban Drift festival, intends "to reveal a poetics of praxis which both informs and transforms the way in which one perceives, intervenes in, and designs for the built environment." Like Urban Drift, Transformers will feature practicing architects, artists, writers, and curators working in the areas of urban exploration, mapping, urban planning, and "urban intervention." The first part of the exhibition, "Pirated Spaces - Informal Architecture," runs from 9 to 26 October. Part Two, "UFO Belgrade," and Part Three, "lan_language>architectures>networks," will take place in November and December, respectively.

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Wireless Park Lab Days

Wireless Park Lab Days hosted by NYCwireless and the Downtown Alliance.

September 19 -20, 2003
City Hall Park, Lower Manhattan
Noon - 4:00 pm

Don't miss the wireless art exhibition and Saturday game of Noderunner.

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the lab is the studio

f o a m is the perfect example of the hybrid studio-lab. Based in Brussels and Amsterdam with a distributed network of 'players', foam has an extensive list of projects, and offers publications, newsletters and public events.

"The past century has shown that art should be seen not only as a practical, 'hands on' discipline that always results in an artifact. For the future development in the arts, fundamental and applied research has to be introduced in the artistic curricula as well."

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the lab versus the studio

"...how different are the findings of the world when done scientifically in the lab compared to work done in an artist's studio?"

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