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happy halloween

Gargoyles are watching you...

the spooky Tyto Alba House in central California

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"Pre/Amble is a two day festival of art and psychogeography which takes as a starting point the exploration of the city, an interest in dialogue surrounding methods of psychogeography, and the intersection of psychogeography with contemporary art practices." [November 1-2, at the Western Front Artist Run Centre, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada].

Pre/Amble is being organized by two friends of Glowlab, Kate Armstrong and Michelle Kasprzak of Year 01. This event should be fantastic; if you're near Vancouver, don't miss it.

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Brooklyn walk: 2003.10.19

Last Sunday afternoon, Mike of Satan's Laundromat hosted a walk through the heart of Brooklyn. A dozen people wearing comfortable shoes met in Ft. Greene and wandered through five miles of Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights.

view photos from the walk>>

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Old habits die hard

Lee Walton is currently representing Glowlab in Sparwasser HQ's exhibition "Old habits die hard: 40 videos selected by artist-run spaces and collectives". From the press release: "'Old habits die hard' can be seen as a necessary trigger for updating audiences about the presence and work of these spaces and collectives. In line with our work at Sparwasser HQ, "Old habits die hard" seeks to connect people and platforms together for exhibition opportunities and peer support, in a bid to be less dependent on insitutional situations offered by museums and cultural bodies." [at Sparwasser HQ in Berlin, through November 29].
For the exhibition, Lee presents a new video work titled "35 Pounds", which can be seen here.

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lost and found

Is this you? I think I saw you today, maybe on the streets of Paris...had you lost something?...maybe something old or something bad, or something lost in time...

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Blog.art article in El Pais

Blog.art is a Glowlab project that features blogs created as artworks; it was mentioned today in an article in the Spanish newspaper El Pais. The El Pais site requires subscription, but you can read the article in .pdf format here.

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PDPal -- a project by Scott Paterson, Marina Zurkow, Julian Bleecker and Adam Chapman -- allows you to "write your own city" by mapping your personal urban terrain using a PDA. You can download and install base maps, add your own annotations and attributes and upload your saved maps to the site's "collective portrait" of the city.

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Amodal Suspension

"Amodal Suspension will create an interactive mesh of light over the city, a floating cloud of data that can be written on and read. The piece will provide a connective platform in which local residents and remote participants from different regions and countries can establish ad hoc relationships. While visualizing the traffic of information on an urban scale, the piece is also intended as a deviation from the assumed transparency of electronic communication."

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Human Scale Chess blog on Glowlab

In our projects section, guest editor Sharilyn Neidhardt blogs about the Human Scale Chess Project...

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Triangulation is a series of 4 web-based projects which combine an interest in land use and mapping with database tools to generate user-defined output.

Thanks to Ashley for sending the link...

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