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The Long Way Home with San Keller

San Keller walks you home from Grand Central, fortifying your spirit against the winter cold and gloom. This performance will take place once a month for the next six months; the first date is Friday, November 28th at 10pm. Click the images below to open and read the details.


Read more about the artist's work:
My Moneycover
San Keller sleeps at your place of work
San Keller

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CIVIC TV in Rotterdam

from our good friend Wilfried Hou je Bek of socialfiction comes an invitation to:

22nd November 2003

CIVIC TV will be a high summit of cultural engineers, anarchitects, urban explorers, peripatic hedonists, squatters, graffiti aficionados, street-artists, generative psychogeographers, space hijackers, folly-builders, invisible city excavators, collaborative mapping gurus and transdimensional tourists for the years to come.

The first episode (urauff├╝hrung) of CIVIC TV is a one day event that will present various approaches to understand, use & criticise the urban environment and how these practices are sustained. CIVIC TV will be a unique opportunity for those interested in alternative mental and spatial engineering to meet.

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Corin Hewitt exhibition at DCKT Contemporary

Corin Hewitt
85 Union Street
November 11 December 13
DCKT Contemporary
537 W. 24th Street, NYC

The space station Skylab rebuilt with the interior of the house of the grandmother of the artist. All made mostly of cast dirt. It's a beautiful installation - go see it.

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Laurel Beckman's Day Tripper-TriBeCa

November 6 - December 7, 2003
Artist Reception: Thursday, November 6th, 6-9pm
TAMAD, 5 Harrison Street, New York
Laurel Beckman was a participant in this year's Psy.Geo.Conflux, where she introduced her Day-Tripper Project. She's back in New York now for an exhibition of the project, which involves mapping the perception of light in lower downtown.

Laurel Beckman's project "Day Tripper" is an invitation to the viewer to reconsider the urban landscape in relation to perceptual phenomena. "Day Tripper" is a site-specific work that maps cities according to the experience of natural and artificial light. Day Tripper-TriBeCa features seven large digital prints produced in response to the TriBeCa neighborhood in NYC. The suite of images present aesthetic responses and literal directions to the conditions at seven sites offering opportunities for altered mind states through the perception of light. The artist invites viewers to experience their environment as active participants in the search and construction of alternative social spaces. Festivities at the opening reception include the east coast premiere of Beckman's latest computer animation, Rainbow's Make Me Sleepy.

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