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Glowlab welcomes new member J. Gabriel Lloyd

As we break in the new year, Glowlab is happy to welcome a new member, J. Gabriel Lloyd, who will be contributing both to the website and to the development of Glowlab and Psy.Geo.Conflux.

Gabe is an artist living in Providence, RI currently working within the realm of psychogeography and popular culture. Awareness of the interaction between the viewer and the piece is a consistent theme in Gabe's work. His medium varies from conceptual performance to traditional sculpture, with the intention, as he describes, "of exploiting the difference between what an artist knows and what a non-artist knows. For example, how does someone who has an educated art background respond to the work, versus the response by someone of a different educated, or non-educated background?"

When Gabe isn't busy with his own work he collaborates with a group of artists called PIPS, the Providence Initiative for Psychogeographic Studies. You can view his work and the work of PIPS at gaberator-mac.tk.

Gabe will be a frequent contributor to this news blog; if you have psychogeography-related news or announcements, contact Gabe at [email protected].

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