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Kevin Hamilton's Synchronaut site reveals his varying explorations of photography, psychogeography, performance and questioning of popular culture.

Kevin Hamilton's site shows working processes that are exploratory and open, which use a variety of mediums and techniques. Working in a variety of geographic locations and in a variety of media, these explorations are convincing of an indepth thought process seeking to clarify ideas.

"Site Unseen" is a whimsical but clear display of psychogeography making contemporary art scene dialogue tongue in cheek, yet seriously pursuing a clarification of an idea.

"Bluebridge" is a piece that is complete here in its documentation form, yet the artist has worked in the local community to make this piece happen, or at least find out how to make it happen. The piece is engaging of all audiences, no matter what their backgrounds. It is acknowledging of popular culture's information centers and media habits by turning these elements into materials from which to create new interactive sculptures and happenings.

"Cross" is a site specific performance evident of Vito Acconci's following piece, yet much more scientific and calculated than free. The continued attempt at pursuing and syncronizing in this performance border upon the absurd and the scientific.

Mnemonicon is a "disorientation device enabl[ing Kevin] to walk through one city as if it were another...I navigated routine walks as though they were through landscapes remembered, but not seen." The mapping of the past, but using it in the present would be an interesting project for somewhere like New York City.

There are many other works of Kevin Hamilton's exploring certain aspects of formal artistry, psychogeography, social structures and the absurd. I encourage psychogeographers to take a few minutes with his site.

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