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Christian Nold Interaction Design RCA

Christian Nold Interaction Design RCA allows the late nights of derive-hungry psychogeographers the opportunity to create their own virtual adventures. This quick download reveals the potential for a viewer to dictate the potential happenings in spaces, but also to see the variety of gatherings for a single place.

The programming might be of interest for the technology gurus reading this, simply because the program is quasi-tracking/voyerism/technology driven. What can you see and predict for a place in a digitally rendered world? How much detail do you want to know, or how fast do you want the new scenarios to take place? Could new scenarios be made with GPS/Bluetooth phones or GPS JPEG images? Each of the aspects are pieces to a whole program that delivers predictable results, but in being a compilation the results keep the viewer/participant engaged.

For the not-so-technology driven readers (my group), this simple program allows an interaction with a space that has obvious limits due to it's digital nature, yet it retains enough allure to keep us clicking away. I do not really know what all the possibilities are for this program, but if I feel the need to people watch at 3am, Christian Nold Interaction Design RCA allows me to dictate the crowds.

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