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Wooster Collective Presents Hollywood Remix

Hollywood-Remix-Digital-FlyWooster Collective Presents Hollywood the Remix Opening Reception. Tuesday June 15, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
"In December of 2003, a selection of the hottest up-and-coming contemporary artists from around the world were each given a series of posters from classic Hollywood films. The artists were asked to "remix" the posters by integrating their street art iconography into the classic images from cinema history. There were no rules and no limitations.

On June 15th, 2004, at the Wooster Arts Space in the Soho area of New York City, over fifty of America and Europe's  leading contemporary artists will come together for the opening of 'HOLLYWOOD: THE REMIX'  The exhibition will consist of over 50 posters designed by artists from the United States, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Germany, and France."

Participating artists include:

Alex Lukas (USA), Asbestos (Ireland), Action Hero (Holland), Bo130 and Microbo (Italy), Caliper Boy (England), Calma (Brazil),  Chris Silva (USA), Chimp (England), Ckoe (Holland), CUE (England), CUM (Belgium), DA! (USA), Dave (USA), David Captain Rouget (France), Derrick Hodgson (Canada), Dist (England), D-Face (England),  El Euro (Italy), Eliks (USA), Flying Fortress (Germany), Galo (Holland), Gaetane Michaux (USA),  G From Paris (France), Jet-Pac (England), Jet+Rubble (USA), Jon Burgerman (England), Jordan Seiler (USA), Kelly Burns (USA), kgbe rotgut (USA), Keren Richter (USA), Logan Hicks (USA),  Magmo (USA), Matt Sewell (England),  MCA (USA) Medium (Canada), Michael DeFeo (USA), Mike Genovese (USA),  Mudwig Dan (England), Mysterious Al (England), Orko (England), PMH (England), Rep1 (USA), Rik Catlow (USA), Ronzo (England), Sfaustina (USA), Sickboy (England), Skewville (USA), St. Arsky (France), Tofer (USA), Urban Medium (USA), Vinnie Ray Fugere (USA). Wooster Collective (USA), XOOOOX (Germany)

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