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Sunday, August 29, 2004 . NYC







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dissensionconvention[update: we're now mirroring the DissensionConvention here.]

Glowlab is participating in the DISSENSION CONVENTION, organized by Furtherfield and Postmasters. We're jamming with Moport --check us out Sunday, August 29, 7-10pm [EDT/GMT-4].

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Operation Urban Terrain

creativetimeOperation Urban Terrain (OUT) is a one-night live-action intervention of online military games played out in public spaces by art activists using high tech gear, strategy, and humor. The work will be presented in New York on August 28, on the eve of the Republican National Convention. See the CREATIVE TIME site for details.

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Burning Man Media Camp 2004

[Note: here's the latest from Glowlab's friend and blog author J Gabriel Lloyd, who is headed to Burning Man. He'll be covering the festival in our featured projects column. Stay tuned for his latest updates. And now, here's Gabe...]

04brc_mapbigMedia Camp 2004 is now organized! The list of who I'll be living with next week just came out! It has people anywhere from the LA Times to students doing film documentaries. My entire little application to be in the camp has been published, so you can see exactly what I hope to be doing.

I have to pack! Cheers!

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News.Box.Walk with Glowlab this Friday

Friday, August 27, 2004, 7 – 8pm
Union Square Park

NEWS.BOX.WALK is a way to wander the city using newsboxes as a guide. It’s a game whose prize is the pleasure of exploring the city as you never have before, your path choreographed by the colors and combinations of these street-corner fixtures we barely notice.

On Friday, August 27, meet Glowlab in Union Square Park for our first News.Box.Walk. We’ll gather at the south end of the park under the horse-riding-George Washington statue at 7pm to hand out scorecards and offer some brief instructions. We invite you to walk alone, or play against friends; keep score, or just wander the city by color. We’ll meet back at the park at 8pm to compare scores.

[Note: With all the activity surrounding the RNC protests, Union Square will probably be packed -- we'll wait there until 7:15. This is a great time to come out and participate in the crazy energy of the city...]

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Flâneur by phone

Flâneur by phone is an article on the [murmur] project just published in the Canadian journal Eye Weekly. Pictured is Glowlab friend Shawn Micallef, who gave a presentation on [murmur] at this year's Conflux.

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YellowArrow launch party

launch_flyerYellowArrow was first presented at the 2004 psy.geo.CONFLUX. After some site updates and the printing of many arrow stickers, the project is ready for its official launch this Thursday, August 26 at the Lotus Club. Click on the flyer for details.

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the RNC is coming

The Independent Media Infoshop at GAS/gigantic artspace is independent journalism's command central during the RNC. They have all the news, flyers, maps and meetings you need to get involved. To contribute with audio, record your "straight up grassroots communication" during the RNC and get it on over to the August Sound Coalition. If you have photos or text, work those thumbs and become a moporter. For schedules and events, see United for Peace & Justice. For more news and links to other local initiatives, see Newsgrist's imvoting blog.

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personaldebris :: environmental monitoring

uchameleonpersonaldebris :: environmental monitoring is a project allowing the product design side of psychogeography to peek through. The page links to a few other sites, notably, Urban Chameleon clothing and Inside/Outside. Both projects are interested with the interaction between wearer (audience) and environment. Urban Chameleon is even described as, "the ability of reactive garments to influence and change perceptions of one's surroundings".

Check it out. Its an interesting spin upon the mapping of place and people.

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Public Expedition . August 20

kanarinkaPlease join Glowlab on Friday, August 20 for a second Public Expedition to find infinitely small things, hosted by kanarinka...check the details here.

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