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National Dinner Tour

MarchConflux artist Marc Horowitz has used Crate & Barrel catalogues to his advantage. While shooting the Fall 2004 catalogue, a blank section of the shot wasn't working. Marc went on a whim and wrote "dinner w/marc, 510-xxx-7326". The entire number was written, but I abbreviated to alleviate the calls Marc has been receiving. You see, Marc ended up with hundreds of calls asking to go to dinner, so Marc is doing just that. Beginning in a few short weeks, Marc will embark upon the The National Dinner Tour, a month (or more) trip to meet a few of the hundreds that called him. If you have the Fall 2004 catalogue around, check it out, but don't call for dinner, since he's already booked.

{The image was edited by the author to display where the artist marked}

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