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el topo does your laundry

This is just so great we have to post it:

"Doesn't going to the laundromat suck? It's a Wednesday night, you're burned out from work and the weekend before, and you're sitting underneath a sputtering fluorescent light, pawing through a two-and-a-half year old issue of Redbook, while a crying toddler kicks the leg of your chair. You're wearing sweatpants, and you're paying for the privilege of using someone else's washing machine.

Isn't that the single worst moment of the week? Don't you wish some kind of angel would descend and save you from the tedium? That you could be whisked away from your misery and suddenly transported to -- oh, say, a rock show?

Well, El Topo is that angel. Thanks to us, doing the laundry can actually be something you look forward to, at least this one time. For we will be invading Wash 'N Clean on 14. We pledge the following: 1) We will perform original rock and roll music, to the best of our ability. 2) Your laundry will be free. That's right, free laundry. It's on us."

Wednesday, November 10
Wash N Clean
14th Street between Avenues A and B, Manhattan
8p; $free

[via the Nonsense list.]

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