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Every Bus Stop

200410254Artist Sylvia Grace Borda has made a derive in Surrey, BC to map all 380 km of all 1100 bus stops. These photographs create a psychogepgraphic map of the place with social observancy and detail that can only be know through her dedication of walking, biking and riding to every bus stop in the area. Her stories and process are displayed through November 7, 2004 at the Surrey Art Gallery and online with a 38 minute DVD of 2 second intervals of each photograph.

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Great Project!

Wow. I would really like to see the video somehow. Is there any possible way I can see it without having to take a bus to Surrey?

Gabe, Sylvia... can you help me?

Sylvia, super project. really dig it. Must have been fun (for the most part).


Posted by: lee walton | Dec 9, 2004 6:37:04 AM

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