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Geostash_2Toronto is a hot spot these days. "GEOSTASH is a public art project that uses the city of Toronto as its inspiration and utilises Global Positioning Technology (GPS) and the web as a means to achieve its creative goals. Geostash takes its cues from the practice of Geocaching - a sort of high-tech treasure hunt that was originally conceived in 2000, and has spread worldwide through websites promoting this activity."

Each artist will hide a "stash" somewhere in the city and post the GPS co-ordinates of where the stash is hidden on the Geostash website. The stash may contain a set of instructions requesting an in-situ performance, or could contain objects, materials and a manual to create temporary public art. Once the stashes have all been placed in the city, each participating artist will be randomly assigned another
artists' stash to find using a GPS receiver. Once found, the artist will transform the contents of the stash into a performance or ephemeral work of public art.

The artists will be producing their projects October 29-31, please check the Geostash blog (http://www.year01.com/geostash/blog) for updates during the project, and documentation after the project is finished!

The Artists:
Jason Van Horne + Duncan Walker
Shawn Micallef + Gabe Sawhney
Slavica Ceperkovic
Paola Poletto + Jon Sasaki
Willy Le Maitre

The Curators:
Michelle Kasprzak and Michael Alstad


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