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Lee Walton, "Making Changes"

Glowlab friend Lee Walton has been making a few changes in New York and the surrounding boroughs. Sometimes subtle, others obvious; some private others public; some funny, others simply make you think, "Whoa." Lee makes changes to environments that call attention to the potential of altercation from the normal. The performance displays a multitude of alterations, encouraging others to act themselves and see what changes they can make from their everyday environment. Lee's alterations create pedestrian flow changes that intentionally slow people down. This change of pace causes people to be more observant of their surroundings, which in architectural and planning theory causes pedestrians to be positively colloquial with each other.

The performance is a true Lee Walton act, showing endurance of the artist while doing acts that are not necessarily unfeasible. I encourage everyone to watch the video and make a few changes themselves.

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about 16 changes into the video, the roll of paper on the seat/stand is just lovely. i wish that shot had gone on for longer.

Posted by: Liam | Dec 2, 2004 11:52:43 AM

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