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NYC half empty, half full

"New York Is So Crowded, Everybody's Deserted It."
[New York Times article; requires log-in]

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Dear all,
I am a musician/composer and this is an open call for little stories/anecdotes about your experience with the phenomena of silence and noise, environmental sounds, sounds in nature, sounds of the city, the perception of sounds, sounds in sports, sounds of machines, sounds of the inner ear, sounds of the media, mushrooms and sounds, body-sounds, sounds and ears, sounds in literature, sounds down on the street, sounds and space, respiratory sounds, isolatable speech sounds, "It sounds as if"-stories, background sounds, deathlike silence, to make a noise, low noise, anti-noise device, broadband noise, driving noise, exterior noise, industrial noise, inherent noise, noise certificate, noise control, noise development, noise exposure, noise generator, sound pollution, noise suppression, random noise, pass-by noise, running noise, subsonic noise, common-mode noise, noise-induced error, noise protection area, protection against airborne noise, Air Traffic Noise Act, threshold of noise pain, toy sounds, prison-sounds, sounds in movies, the sounds of new york, fast-forward sounds, sounds of the baseball game, sounds in classical music, sounds of zoo, tube sounds, tunneling-sounds, audience participation sounds, gun sounds, sounds of insects, sounds of the underground, kitchen-sounds, abnormal heart sounds, partially obstructed sounds... etc.

"The reason I am less and less interested in music is not only that I find environmental sounds and noises more useful aesthetically than the sounds produced by the world's musical cultures, but that, when you get right down to it, a composer is simply someone who tells other people what to do. I find this an unattractive way of getting things done." โ€” John Cage, A Year from Monday, p. ix (Foreword)

the Silence/Stories project is open, and it is a non-profit project. It was developed to explore different concepts of SILENCE. "The catch" is โ€“ the exploration/investigation of a important and influential idea/term โ€“ the interaction/interplay of different perceptions...

please send your story to [email protected]
subject: silence/stories

it would be a great honor if you would be part of this project. You can read the first twelve stories using the link below.

the plan is to publish a selection of your stories in german translation as a book with audio CD.
we will publish all the stories as part of the Uglybeautycage project (Dialogue with John Cage) at


parts of the Uglybeautycage project (Dialogue with John Cage) will be performed in public as a concert/reading event with visual projections and mushroom cooking (may 2005 in frankfurt, germany).

Participants/Contributors: Miekal And, John M. Bennett, Arthur Chandler, Thanos Chrysakis, Lowell Cross, AP Crumlish, James Drew, Karlheinz Essl, Raymond Federman, August Highland, Justin Katko, Richard Kostelanetz, Tamara Lai, Ian S. Macdonald, Beat Streuli, Lawrence Upton, Dan Waber, Sigi Waters (soon), John Whiting ...

Thank you very much,

kind regards,
ralph lichtensteiger

Posted by: ralph lichtensteiger | Dec 30, 2004 3:44:36 PM

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