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Amazon Goes .walking

A9Amazon's new A9.com Search has a psychogeographic twist. Search for any store type and A9 will show you a picture of the store front. You can .walk in any direction up or down the blocks to "see" whats there.

Currently this is only available in: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Manhattan (sorry Brooklyn), Denver, LA, Seattle, Portland, OR and San Francisco and the Bay Area. (If they include the Bay Area, why can't they include Brooklyn?)

Mapping the areas like this allow for people to tour locations without having to be there. It further blurs the boundaries between the physical and virtual realm, as some other psychogeographers have been attempting, as well. In the ability to virtually tour, however, it offers the potential for people to explore the actual place because they felt as if they have already "been there" and will know what to expect. (There are underlying theories regarding chain stores and restaurants that people automatically attend these places because they feel secure about knowing what they are going to confront.)

I hope psychogeographers will use this as a catalyst for their own projects. If so, let Glowlab know about your progress!

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