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C5: Theory as product

Landscape_imageC5: Theory as product is a progressive group out of California making use of extreme adventure sports and mountaineering synthesized with GIS type software. Their current project, C5 Landscape Initiative, takes the group to the heights of California (14,491 ft) and Japan (12,395 ft) while mapping the climbs with the technology they with which they are fluent.

The project is graphically easy to understand allowing C5 to use advanced technology without losing their audience. Their expeditions, while acknowledging they are following already taken paths, are investigating present and past, reminiscent of another California mapping project, California Coastal Records Project. The mapping, while three dimensionally interesting, becomes a mapping of time, which some might refer to as a fourth dimension.

I have played around with an older project of C5 in the past two days, as well. SubSoft virtually maps a users hard drive as if it were a geological form. The mapping is smart and simple, allowing the layering that occurs to be a positive attribute to the project. 1:1 is their project for the 2002 Whitney Biennial, a virtual mapping of the internet. You See That You Don't See performed at New Langton Arts in San Francisco is C5s only theatrical performance. I see red cubes in the images... oh cubes and galleries.

C5 is currently making positive progression out of the art spin about art spin cycle. Engagment with the great out doors is something technology artists tend to steer clear of, remaining in the urban environment. Blending the performance of Tony Craigg with the NASA capable mapping allows for art to be accessible to adventurers who go on derives everyday, but never think of it as a psychogeographic event.

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