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Conrad Bakker :: Sidewalk Economies

Conrad Bakker's Untitled Projects: Sidewalk Economies (San Francisco) is a digital photography show of is his replication of everyday objects in the street. Notably, rubber bands and pen caps are replicated out of balsa material and then placed next to or instead of the original object in the street. The replicas are left to drift and lead their own lives once the photograph has been taken. This project is currently on exhibition at San Francisco's < a href="http://www.soex.org/jan7_feb12_2005.html">Southern Exposure Gallery.

Bakker is also exhibiting at MassMoCa in Trade Show, a show "of eight artists and collectives who bring the world of business into art". The show also features Glowlab friend Christine Hill.

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Conrad Bakker's Untitled Projects: Sidewalk Economies (San Francisco), is a series of digital photographs of fake objects like rubber bands and pen caps. The artist deposits handcrafted wooden replicas of discarded articles on city sidewalks, snaps a p... [Read More]

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