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Kunst i Nordland/Art in Nordland

NordlandEurope knows how to do it. Kunst i Nordland/Art in Nordland "receives extensive support from the Norwegian Cultural Council." Artistic interventions realized with public installations, performances and other endeavors will be executed through-out 2005 in Norway. "The aim is to examine issues relating to the local context, the communicative potential and function of art in the contemporary world, and on a more theoretical level to discuss “site-specificity” as an artistic genre and strategy." This examination will be collaborations with local communities, municipalities and towns thereby furthering the contemporary artistic context beyond the artists and art world.

The project has the potential to be a collective focus upon intervention which can be realized in many interpretive facets. Much like the current Mass MoCA show Interventionists, (Conflux participant Kanarinka is in that show) the artists involved will be bonded through their public execution, but will have the ability to create individualized interpretations.

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