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Sophie Tottie's Isolarion is at Lunds Konsthall through May 15, 2005. 

"Sophie Tottie's exhibition Isolarion deals with what is sometimes shocking and hard to describe - facts that exist in a void between loud headlines and what is left unmentioned in the news reports, facts that are protested on banners, but cannot be couched in words and images.

"Isolarion" is the term for the 15th century maps that describe specific areas in detail, but that do not provide a clarifying overview of how these places are related to each other. Now Sophie Tottie uses the term as the title for a work in progress, shown for the first time at the Lund Konsthall."

"In the exhibition, different subjects such as truth commissions and modernism open up new, shifting contexts where opposing concepts and events intersect. Examined by Tottie in a series of images, these themes appear in isolation, as well as juxtaposed in a drawing reminiscent of a network. Consisting of text and image, this large scale wall drawing intersects the room vertically and horizontally, in accordance with an invisible positioning system.

Sophie Tottie lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm. Her work moves between different forms of artistic expressions, from drawings and wall paintings to video and photography. Often of an existential nature, the subjects examined are related to political and historical contexts.

In conjunction with the exhibition, three seminars will be held in April.

At one of these, on April 14, the artist will talk with the critic and curator John Peter Nilsson about the show as well as her previous work.

Invited speakers will include Stefan Jonsson, author and critic at the daily Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, on April 21, and Nikos Papastergiadis Associate Professor at the Australian Centre, University of Melbourne, on April 28."

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