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standing on wood chips

For How Scandinavian of Me, "artist Lars Vilhelmsen has been photographed in the tourist snapshot style in front of some important non-Scandinavian sights including Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and sights in Malaysia, Berlin, and Iran. The web-photo album has aesthetic antecedents in British artist Gillian Wearing's photographs as well as the tradition of lawn gnome snatch-and-snap." [via Rhizome]

From the artist's site: "How Scandinavian Of Me shows a work of art in questions of investigation and formed like the artist in the part as 'tourist' with the same recognisable objects, the white T-shirt and 'how scandinavian of me', standing bare-feeted on the small heap of danish chipped bark."

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Posted by: benti | Mar 25, 2005 8:10:44 AM

i liked it, not sure why, could have something to do with those wood chips.

Posted by: anna missed | Apr 2, 2005 1:26:07 AM

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