EnvitenormalStadium Culture is an ongoing project to renovate and expand an existing open handball stadium located in Novi Sad, Serbia, to become a hybrid center for electronic culture, new media and sports, commissioned by kuda.org - Center for New Media. Srdjan Normal [Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, b.1967] will exhibit a single view of the proposed adaptation printed on 468 letter-sized sheets of paper to covering one of the walls in the gallery as well as 7 thumbnail drawings of the design proposal. Stadium Culture is catalyzes an identity that engages positive elements of the socialist past while defining a new urban future in Serbia after a decade of crisis and war.

Raccoon Gallery
43-22 22nd Street, #301
between 43 and 44 Avenue
Long Island City Queens, NY
718.784.9121, subway: E/V 23rd Street/Ely

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"Office of the Future" or FREMTIDENS KONTOR by N55 has been happening for a little while now and is coming together quite well. Talks have been presented regarding use of space, the building of identity and copyright issues. The collaboration is driven because of Copenhagen's lack of residencial space, but abundance of office space.
"It’s pretty stupid. Fortunately, it’s easy to do something about it. If there’s going to be offices everywhere, then we can just decide for ourselves what an office is."

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“Estimating the Future”

Beijingb“Estimating the Future” by Glowlab friend Ben Collier is featured at badarchitecture.org. Ben has been living in Bejing for the past few months making regular documentations of derives and other walking related projects. His images are rich and facinating, especially for individuals who have not made the trip to China. His site is regularly updated with exhibitions and web posts.

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"The Second Annual OHNY weekend is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday, October 9 & 10, 2004. 100 fascinating spaces and places in all five boroughs will be open for tours - free of charge. Each site will offer different experiences, including guided and self-guided tours, informal talks and conversations with the designers. Complete site information, opening times, and travel directions are available for each borough." Check the website for details.

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ARTE ALL'ARTE 9 - Art Architecture Landscape
curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and James Putnam
17 September 2004 - 6 January 2005

Arte all'Arte "strengthens the relationship between the past and the contemporary, between local communities and the work of the artists, forging new ties between art, architecture and the landscape. Contemporary art engages with the great legacy of medieval and Renaissance art in order to restore the central role this had in the past and to reaffirm the presence of art in everyday life."

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Camp for Oppositional Architecture

This just in: a review of the Camp for Oppositional Architecture from our friend JohnJ Mcgurk, founding member of Providence's PIPS collective...

oppositional_archAn Architektur is a quarterly publication that engages the social and political aspects of architecture and space. In an attempt to create an international platform for planners, architects, and artists working in areas of social engagement and intervention in the public sphere, An Architektur hosted the Camp for Oppositional Arhitecture in Berlin from June 25-27th.

Hosted at an old factory, the event was an experiment in individual and collective modes of communication and living. A truly international conference, there were participants from over sixteen countries with a wide range of backgrounds. Most of the participants stayed at the camp throughout the conference, with large group meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Two of the main presentations were given by Brian Bell, an original participant in the Rural Studio program started by the late Samuel Mockbee, and Peter Marcuse, a historian with an in depth knowledge of the planning history of New York City. Both presentations were engaging and thought provoking, the room packed to the limit with participants and Berliners.

The conference ended on Sunday with an attempt to come up with a Charter for Oppositional Architecture. Hotly debated, the final language was not finished and the participants all voted to keep working on the charter with the acceptance of a rough draft. If you are interested in these topics there is a questionare to gather information on participants and non-participants alike: www.con-gress.net/research/selfdetermined.htm.

Other groups invloved include:
Institute for Advanced Architecture

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: the name says it all....

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If you don't build it, they will come?

This just in:

e_Competition: Possible Futures

"The goal of this competition is to promote and reveal the potency of "new conceptual and experimental work" in architecture today. The objective is to award extraordinary unbuilt projects and architectural ideas. Design works that provoke new cultural visions, new professional practices, and new understandings of urbanity of the contemporary world."

Registration: August 10 - October 10, 2003.

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Welcome to Xanadu, Home of the Future

Xanadu, Home of the Future, a long-abandoned curiosity deep in the heart of the Kissimmee, Florida tourist-sprawl. Photographs by Matt Ames.


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