Coffee Anyone?

Christina Ray's daily serving photography project documents her crossings with New York's "We Are Happy To Serve You" coffee cups. The cups surface in corners, snow banks, trash and counter tops in what appears to be all over Brooklyn. The project makes you realize that we do infact run accross mass produced objects like this everyday. The objects have an intimate history in that they were at one point desired by a consumer, but once their contents are gone, they are disposed of in haphazard methods. By photographing them in this disposed of state, it gives new intimacy and attention to the objects.

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Conrad Bakker :: Sidewalk Economies

Conrad Bakker's Untitled Projects: Sidewalk Economies (San Francisco) is a digital photography show of is his replication of everyday objects in the street. Notably, rubber bands and pen caps are replicated out of balsa material and then placed next to or instead of the original object in the street. The replicas are left to drift and lead their own lives once the photograph has been taken. This project is currently on exhibition at San Francisco's < a href="http://www.soex.org/jan7_feb12_2005.html">Southern Exposure Gallery.

Bakker is also exhibiting at MassMoCa in Trade Show, a show "of eight artists and collectives who bring the world of business into art". The show also features Glowlab friend Christine Hill.

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new work from boogie

Glowlab friend boogie launches 2005 with two new photos series. Check "DOPE" and "PLAYGROUND" on artcoup.

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F Train Map Rendering

The New York Times on the Web has a great map rendering by Danny Gregory of the F Train line. I think I worked with the guy from York Street...

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subk.net - maps

Mapsproject is a project by Lori Ann Napoleon taking hand drawn maps she comes across that people make for her of spaces she is new to. "I collect personal maps people draw. one's memory and perception of a place is very personal, so each is a reflection, however small or large, of how the individual connects to their environment: knowing, organizing, and understanding it."

Cartography has two sides: the GIS precision and the psychogeographic personal experience. Lori Napoleon's Mapsproject shows the potential for the psychogeographer in all of us to be revealed in the sketches we make when we try to orient ourselves in an urban environment.

The commentary reveals Napoleon's interest and relationship in each drawing while also raising the issue of what details are truely important in a traditional map. Napoleon has found each map has a focus of its own whereas once the maps are placed together, the collection reveals an aspect of her personality. In this realization, Napolean acknowledges the potential of this collection to be an evolving piece. In her continuing additions to the site, the collection has the ability to reveal not only the places she has been, but her habits within spaces (which it is already revealing her preferences for record stores) and her actions within the spaces; a true psychogeographic examination of herself.

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David Crawford / SMS - Tokyo

David Crawford's SMS - Tokyo considers the subway "as a stage upon which social dynamics and individual behavior are increasingly mediated by digital technology."

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A Day In The Life

Take a photo an hour to illustrate your day...
A Day In The Life : New Years Eve 2003

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re:LAX exhibition opens this week

DCKT Contemporary, 537 W. 24th Street, NYC
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 10, 5-7 p.m.


"Airports and air travel combine endless motion with emptiness and a certain transient anonymity. Los Angeles International Airport (best known to frequent flyers as LAX) is the gateway to one of America’s largest cities. For this exhibition, LAX provides the departure point for contemplating broader themes of airport culture, travel, as well as movement in general."

Curated by Megan Riley

With: Fabian Birgfeld, Marco Brambillo, Zoe Crosher, Guy Hundere, Soo Jin Kim, Ester Partegàs, Christina Ray, John Schabel, John Sparagana, Kerry Tribe and Tim White-Sobieski

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Here nor There invite you to participate in "where r u ?"

please respond to the question:
"where r u ? where would u like 2 b ?"
on the here nor there website

responses will be launched at sunset from the banks of the River Avon, during the boat trip on July 13th. 'a space of the imagination' between cultures & locations...aboard the Tower Belle from Bristol Harbourside along the Avon to Beese's Tea Gardens.

from collective resources comes collective authorship and collective product. here nor there

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